FlashTech Creative was asked to revamp STL Med’s website and increase their brand authority through local search engine optimization. Their current Google ranking was very low making their brand nearly invisible. They had many clinics in their surrounding areas that offered the same services and needed to differentiate themselves. 



At FlashTech Creative we make sure to get our clients in front of the most engaged users for their business. We took their existing website and reworked the user experience for higher conversions and engagement. STL’s page ranking was the next thing we worked on. We optimized the website properly by inserting targeting keywords for search engine optimization to help with ranking it higher. Creation of landing pages was next for the Google Adwords strategy we implemented. 


Optimized Website

Revamped their existing website to be more engaging with the users who are visiting the site.

Added more call to actions across the website to drive users to schedule a consultation or book an appointment with a doctor. The website imagery was old and not in high definition. Our team went through and updated all graphics to be more inviting and relevant to the services. FlashTech Creative implemented an online scheduling system for patients to book appointments straight from the website. This automated their process and made it much more efficient. We also increased their website speed and optimized it fully for mobile, tablet, and desktop use.


Search Engine Optimization

When we started our work with STL, their Google presence was low. They needed help boosting their ranking and building more trust in their brand. After understanding their needs FlashTech Creative built a robust digital marketing plan to increase their Google presence. We did this by cleaning up the entire website and fully optimizing it for search engine ranking. After doing thorough keyword research we identified keywords that would attract the most valuable audience. We set up Google Adwords campaigns for those keywords and started generating traffic. After completing their services, STL’s Google ranking had entered the first page.



Flashtech Creative revamped their website and create a more engaging user experience. We built a targeted search engine and Google Adwords campaigns to increase patient base and Google ranking.

  • 5x increase in search traffic
  • Increased monthly online leads by 94%
  • Increased website traffic by 77%
  • Streamlined their social media strategy

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